New Article: Detoxify with Calcium Bentonite Clay Foot Baths

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Detoxify with Calcium Bentonite Clay Foot Baths
by Cheryl McCoy

With the proliferation of environmental toxins that bombard us daily growing at an alarming rate, more and more people are searching for safe, effective ways to detoxify their bodies. Calcium Bentonite Clay is a safe, powerful, natural detoxifier that can be used both internally and externally. It carries a uniquely strong negative ionic charge that draws anything with a positive ionic charge (bacteria, toxins, metals, etc.) to it like a magnet. These toxins are then bound into the clay molecule and are removed from the body when the clay is washed off or eliminated.

Clay baths have been used for centuries and are growing in popularity once again. They have proven to be effective in everything from easing sore muscles to chelation therapy (the removal of heavy metals). And now foot baths, while not quite as effective as a full body soak, are proving to be very beneficial as well. So, if you can’t do a full body clay bath, a Calcium Bentonite foot bath is the next best thing.

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